Right now I’m working on meeting the minimum spend on my new Chase Sapphire Reserve card to get the massive 100,000 UR Points sign up bonus! I am two weeks into spending on the card and I have been buying a lot of Amazon Fire Sticks to help me meet the minimum spend required to obtain the sign up bonus. I have currently boughten 24 Amazon Fire Sticks each at $43.18 which means I’ve spent $1,036.32 organically on my new CSR card! I received my card on March 14th so two weeks ago, and in that 2 weeks I’ve managed to hit 25% of the required $4,000 spend needed to get the bonus! The best part is that since Fire Sticks are currently hard to find you can also make money by reselling them on Craigslist or eBay! If you check Amazon for Fire Sticks you will see that they will ship to you on April 18th as of today! That is over 2 weeks of waiting! If you’re thinking of checking other retailers such as Target, good luck because they are not even taking backorders on them! Why is there a shortage? Probably because many “jailbreak” or “hack” the Fire Stick to install Kodi, an open source software that allows you to stream movies, tv shows, sporting events, and other content straight to your TV!

So how can I make money? Simple, you can resell the Fire Stick on eBay or Craigslist for an extra $5-10 and make money that way, or if you’re tech savvy you can install Kodi on it and charge a $20-$50 premium! Don’t believe me? Check out the eBay search I attached for real results:


If you’re lucky enough to find some Fire Sticks in stock at a store near you, I would say this is a must buy right now! I bought 12 of them on the 17th and had all of them sold by March 20th! I then placed another order for 12 and am currently waiting for them to arrive so I can sell them. The key to selling is to determine where you want to sell, I am only selling on Craigslist locally because it eliminates me having to pay eBay, PayPal, and shipping fees. The key to selling on Craigslist is to search “Fire Stick” in your local area and see what others are selling them for, in my area they happen to go from $75-$80 but I want to sell them quickly so I list them for $65. Why so low? I want to be able to move a lot of product quickly as opposed to waiting for someone to text me to meet up to purchase one, I don’t like the idea of holding on to my inventory for longer than a week. Also because the return policy is 14 days so I would like to sell them before then.

So how can I sell Fire Sticks if they’re sold out? Well currently the only online retailer that has them in stock is Best Buy! They also offer free 2 shipping over $35 so you should receive them quickly! If you’re still not sure whether you want to risk buying a lot, start off with buying 1 Fire Stick after all you have 14 days to return it if you can’t flip it quickly 😉

So how do I install Kodi on it? This really isn’t what this post is about but here is a link for those interested, How to Install Kodi on Fire Stick

So if you do the math I paid $43.18 per Fire Stick and sell them for $65, I bought 24 of them so that means I profited $21.82 on each stick for a total of $523.68 in profits! Don’t forget I also earned a couple of Best Buy certificates for using their rewards program! Let me know if any of you made any money by reselling Fire Sticks!