Last year Apple released the iPad Pro, alongside the iPad Pro the Apple Pencil was also released. There were reports of supply constraints regarding the Apple Pencil, at first I didn’t think anything of it because I did not purchase or intend to purchase an iPad Pro. After a few days I decided to go on eBay and check the going rate for an Apple Pencil, I was shocked that they were going up to 3x their retail price! As soon as I saw those prices and people were actually bidding on them I decided to call up my local Apple Store and ask if they had any Apple Pencils in stock, they sure did. I ran out the door and drove there right away and purchased 2, Apple sets a limit of 2 per person on new released products. I then went on eBay and posted my Apple Pencils up for sale, they each sold for $210. I had paid $110 with tax each, after all the fees and shipping I was left with $176. I then had to pay myself back for the initial purchase $176-$110 to pay back my credit card, leaving me with $66 in profit each so $132 total. Not bad for a days work. The next day I called my local Apple Store again, but they were now sold out! I checked the online inventory every single day in hopes of buying some for pick up, I had no luck for 10 days.

After having no luck for about 10 days I decided to check again while sitting in my calculus class, this was around 11am, I checked my local Apple Store but sure enough it still said UnavailableĀ šŸ˜­ I then decided to check the San Francisco area even though that is 3 hours away from me.Ā Not only did the flagship Apple Store in San Francisco have them in stock but almost all of the Bay Area store had some in stock! I was excited! I quickly texted one of my best friends to place as many orders as he could and I would do the same, there I was in class placing $2,000 in charges to my credit card. In total I had purchased 18 Apple Pencils for in storeĀ pickup! If you’re thinking I’m crazy for doing this let me explain. First let me start off by stating something many people do not know about, there was no risk involved on my end. How the fuck is there no risk you ask? Well Apple has a 14 day return policy, which meant I had 14 days to try to get rid of all of these Apple Pencils.Ā These were in very high demand after all, which meant they would be very easy to get rid of. Back to me sitting in my calculus class, it was now about 11:20am and I left my class to go home and pack my bags because I would be spending the weekend in SF picking up my Apple Pencils and selling some in person through Craigslist.



Within an hour of finding inventory online I was on the road with my friend driving 3 hours to San Francisco, making stops at the Apple Stores along the way. I had posted to Craigslist before I left and I was getting many requests to meet the same day because people wanted these. They were a hot item to have. I sold about 8 in person during my time in SF for about $180-$220 each, mind you there were no fees here because I sold them myself, also no shipping costs. I then posted on eBay and Amazon to get rid of the rest of them. They went fast, I had purchased them on a Thursday and by Sunday I had none left. After paying off my credit card and paying all my selling fees I was left with $1,041 in profit! I created this blogĀ because as a college student I sometimes need some extra cash to pay for school expenses. I figured some competition can’t hurt šŸ˜‰