So you want to make some money and travel right? Well you’ve come to the right place! I provide you with a lot of information on how to make that possible. One of the ways is by reselling products that are 🔥 trending. What do you mean by trending? Well when new products release there is always 📈 demand for them and usually not a lot of 📉initial supply, which means there is money to be made! You might be thinking 🤔 about traveling ✈️ which sounds expensive! But I am also here to teach you how to travel basically for free! So what does reselling products have to do with traveling? Well that’s why I created this guide to show you!


OK, so what exactly are you going to learn from reading my blog posts? I do a lot of research and decide which items are worth reselling, well because some items are not worth the time and effort. It’s a good thing for you because I do all the hardwork 💪 for you! So, what’s the catch? There is none! I’m not selling anything, I am just providing you the information that you need to start making money 💰 and traveling 🌎 . If you decide to use the links I provide in my posts, I may receive some compensation which helps support this website, otherwise feel free to use any link you wish. So with that out of the way, let’s get started! 🎉


Great! You’ve decided to start hustling, now what? Check out the “Trending” page for the latest hustle. On the Trending page I provide detailed posts on which items I am currently reselling and recommend that you do the same. If you are hesitant on reselling, go to the Trending page anyways and see the featured item. Now go to eBay and search for that item, this part is very important as it is the deciding factor for me on whether or not it is worth reselling. So you’re sitting there looking at a lot of listings and a lot of them have really high prices compared to the retail price of the item, and you’re wondering “Who would pay that much!” Well if you sort by Time: Ending Soonest  you will see that people are actually bidding on these items! I usually only look at listings that are set up as auctions because it allows you to see the market value of the item. Market Value? This wouldn’t be a beginners guide if I didn’t define words that are associated with reselling, market value is the price people are willing to pay for an item. Yes, people are willing to pay if they really want an item.


Ok, so you’ve done your research and decide you’re going to go out and grab these trending items off the shelf and resell them on eBay. Not so fast there, eBay has some ridiculous selling fees that you might not be aware of. Fees? Yes, eBay profits off every sale you make. Talk about a hustle that is. No worries for you! I’ve gone ahead and done the math to determine if it is still worth it to resell an item! It would be in the Trending page if it wasn’t worth it right? There may be some products I miss and you think it might be a good hustle and that’t why I’m showing you how to calculate these fees.

TDLR (Too Long Didn’t Read 😉):

First I will list all of the fees that are associated with selling an item: eBay 10% selling fee, PayPal 2.9% + $0.30, shipping cost $3-20, and last but not least the item you are selling. Sounds like a lot but it’s really not that complicated.

Here is an example of how I justify costs:

  • Let’s take a Nintendo NES Classic for example
  • Retail price is $59.99 plus tax
  • After checking eBay I can see that one just sold for $162.50 and the seller charged the buyer a $14.99 shipping cost. Total cost to the buyer, $177.49
  • Here’s where all the math happens, $177.49 * 0.10 = $17.75 this is the 10% paid to eBay
    $177.49 * 0.029 = $5.15 + $0.30 this is the fee paid to PayPal
  • After these two fees your revenue is $177.49 – $17.75 – $5.45 = $154.29
  • Now you just have to ship it, I usually choose USPS to ship because they are cheap and convenient. The cost to ship a Nintendo NES would be about $14 for Priority 2-3 Day.
  • After you’ve shipped the item you are left with $140.29, an $80 profit over the retail value!
  • Now rinse and repeat 😉


So when does traveling come into play? Relax! We’re just getting started!

The way I’m able to travel for basically free is by using a travel rewards credit card 💳  to pay for the items that I am reselling. It’s a win-win because I make money by reselling products and I earn miles/points from those purchases! It’s pretty simple, when you sign up for a rewards credit card there is usually a bonus like for example 50,000 points if you spend $x in the first 3 months or something like that. I’m not talking about store credit cards that you get at places like Target, Best Buy, etc. I’m talking about cards from Chase, Amex, Citi, etc. I thought you weren’t selling anything? I’m not, I’m just letting you know what I do to travel for free.

I earn a lot of points by using the right card that will earn me the most, for example if I’m buying an item in-store I will most likely use the Chase Freedom Unlimited because I will earn 1.5% per dollar. You can imagine now how I rack up points if I go out and buy say 25 Apple Pencils to resell, which you can read about here. The cost of an Apple Pencil to me is about $109 with tax, time for some math 😎,

  • $109 * 25 Apple Pencils = $2,725
  • Now on how many points I earned, $2,725 * 1.5 since its 1.5 points per dollar = 4,087 points for something I was going to buy anyways.
  • Great so I earned 4,087 points on my purchase, what does that get me?
  • A one way from LAX – SEA on Southwest which only costs me 2,963 points on this particular day

As you can see, using my credit card to pay for the items I am going to resell is beneficial to me because I get to travel and make money! ☺️


I would greatly appreciate it if you found my information helpful and would like to use my referral links.

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