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Making Money with Fire Sticks

Right now I'm working on meeting the minimum spend on my new Chase Sapphire Reserve card to get the massive 100,000 UR Points sign up bonus! I am two weeks into spending on the card and I have been buying a lot of Amazon Fire Sticks to help me meet the minimum spend required to

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How to Profit from the Nintendo NES Classic!

Tomorrow December 20th Best Buy will have some more NES systems in stock! They will only be available in stores so be sure to head out to your local store early! These are in very limited quantities, tickets will be handed out before the store opens and you are limited to 1 per person so

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How to Make Money Selling AirPods 💸

In my previous post you learned how I made money with Apple Pencils, now we're back it with AirPods! Learn how to make money by selling AirPods online or locally. This morning I woke up at 7am and left my house at 7:10 🏃 , I arrived at my local Apple Store at around 7:25am and

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How I Made $1,000 Selling Apple Pencils

Last year Apple released the iPad Pro, alongside the iPad Pro the Apple Pencil was also released. There were reports of supply constraints regarding the Apple Pencil, at first I didn't think anything of it because I did not purchase or intend to purchase an iPad Pro. After a few days I decided to go

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