In my previous post you learned how I made money with Apple Pencils, now we’re back it with AirPods! Learn how to make money by selling AirPods online or locally.

This morning I woke up at 7am and left my house at 7:10 🏃 , I arrived at my local Apple Store at around 7:25am and was 3rd in line. The odds of me getting some AirPods were great, I also brought a friend to help me get extra units. There was a limit of 2 per person as usual which is why I brought a friend to help me get 2 more. At around 7:50am the store manager came out and took our names and how many we would like, 2 each. By then there was already a long line behind us but it didn’t matter because we already secured our AirPods. 8:00am comes around and they finally let us in. Let me backup a bit and share some details, last night at around 11pm I created 2 separate listings on eBay for $299 each or best offer. I went to sleep knowing the listings would be seen and sure enough I received a notification from a buyer offer to buy a pair for $250! This was around 5:45am, which let me remind you, I still did not have any AirPods on hand but I already had potential buyers. Back to the Apple Store, so it’s about 8:10am and I’m on my way out of the store with 4 AirPods in hand ready sell. I went to my eBay app and accepted the offer for $250 and was on my way to the post office to ship my first AirPod!


AirPodsAfter the fees and shipping the item I was left with $210 of which $173 had to cover the cost of the AirPods, so I made $37 in profit and earned some Chase UR points along the way! 😊 I then put the remaining 3 up for a 24 hour auction since my goal is to ship there before Christmas 🎄 These auctions will end tomorrow around 8:30am and that means I will have gotten rid of the 4 AirPods in about 24 hours! I am looking at making around $150 – $200 in profits alone and earning about 1,035 Chase UR points on these purchases! Not bad for waiting in line for about 35-40 minutes!


You can make money by selling AirPods too! Check you local Apple Store by calling and asking if they have any in stock or check online on Apple’s website. If you see any in stock be sure to head there as soon as possible and try to buy as many as you can. Ask a friend to come because since these are in very limited quantities they will go very fast! Remember there is a limit of 2 per person! This is a great way to make money since there is a demand for them and it should be fairly easy to sell them.

Tip: If you live in an area that has multiple Apple Store’s nearby such as LA, SF, or NYC and it allows you to purchase online and pickup in store be sure to order 2 AirPods at each store and start making your rounds picking them up! #AirPodsHustle